Admin module

The Admin module is an interface for viewing and invoking administration tasks that run on the EMu server. Admin tasks can:

  • Execute a command on the server to alter server based files.
  • Run a server-side report and display the output on a client machine.

    Note: It may be more efficient and flexible to generate some reports on the EMu server rather than on a client machine.

  • Create a report that requires user input. An Admin Task can ask the user to supply values that can be used as variables in a server-side script.

To run an Admin task:

  1. Click Admin in the Command Centre to open the Admin Tasks module.

    This lists all tasks grouped by module:

    Admin Tasks

    The Admin heading at the top of the list is for a virtual module that includes all tasks unrelated to a specific module.

  2. Double-click the task to run


    Select the task name and click Run.

    If a task requires user input, the Admin Parameters box will display, e.g.:

    1. Provide the requested information.
    2. Click OK to run the administration task.