Administration of Lookup Lists: lutserver & emulutsrebuild

The lutserver background service ensures that Lookup List entries are always in sync with the records in the EMu system. This service removed the need in earlier versions of EMu to rebuild the Lookup Lists on a nightly basis.

The Lookup List rebuild program is still provided but now applies changes to the eluts table rather than rebuilding the table completely. The Lookup List service means that rebuilds are only required if the Lookup List table becomes corrupted, or if users accidentally delete records that are still in use.

Although in theory Lookup List tables no longer need to be rebuilt, there may be occasions when they need to be updated manually. It would be useful for example to be able to regenerate a missing entry if someone deleted a record accidentally.

The emulutsrebuild server-side program visits each EMu record and checks that the values in the records are in the Lookup List table. If a value is not present, a new entry is created. Any entries that are no longer used, are deleted unless they are Persistent.

Here you will find details about the lutserver background service and how to rebuild a Lookup List if required: