Convert Registry entry

Define how a document is converted from one format to another when a document is added to the Multimedia repository.


This Registry entry can be assigned to users, groups and system-wide:

Key User Group System
Key 1 User Group System
Key 2 user group Setting
Key 3 Setting Multimedia
Key 4 Multimedia Convert
Key 5 Convert handle
Key 6 handle fileext
Key 7 fileext filtertype
Key 8 filtertype  
Value options



is a document handle used to identify the document type being converted (the start format).


is the file extension of the document to be produced without the leading dot (the end document).


indicates what type of filter is to be used. Allowable values are:

  • DDE
  • Command
  • Server Command


depend on the filtertype selected (e.g. for a command filter the name of the program to invoke).

The three filter types with their supported options are detailed in the following pages.

Note: Although Registry entries may be set on a user or group basis, the System format is generally used.