How to run a report in EMu

In this example we run a report in the Parties module:

  1. Search for or retrieve a group of records in a module.
  2. From the Ribbon, select Reports on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

    The Reports box displays with a list of predefined reports. The list includes the report name, its Type and the name of the owner of the report (who created it).

    Note: Only the owner of a report can modify it.

  3. Select the report to be generated, Summary (A4) in this example:


  4. Click Report to generate the report using the currentClosedThe record currently displayed in Details View or highlighted in List View (there is a faint dotted line around it). It is only possible to have one current record at a time. record or selectedClosedA selected record is one that has been chosen either on its own or to as part of a group of records. It is usual to select the records you want to be affected by an operation before performing the operation. Selected records are used in many instances, e.g. when a number of records are to be: discarded, saved in a group, or attached to another record. A selected record displays on screen with a blue background when in List View. records


    Click Report All to generate the report using all listed records.

    The report displays in the associated reporting application, Crystal Reports Viewer in this example:

    Report output