Recall Skip Columns Registry entry

Specify which fields should not be updated when applying a record recall.


The Record Recall tool allows a single record to be recalled to the data it contained in a previous version and also provides a batch mode for a group of (one or more) records to be recalled to their state at a given date and time.

Note: See Record Recall (revert / restore a record) for details.


This Registry entry can be assigned to users and groups:

Key User User Group Group Group Group
Key 1 User User Group Group Group Group
Key 2 user user group group Default Default
Key 3 Table Table Table Table Table Table
Key 4 table Default table Default table Default
Key 5 Recall Skip Columns
Value column;column;...



is a semicolon separated list of column names.

Note: EMu does not recall the Date Modified, Time Modified and Modified By fields when updating a record (as these fields contain data concerning the person performing the recall operation).


This entry specifies fields in the Parties module that will not be recalled when an earlier version of a Parties record is recalled:

Key Setting
Key 1 Group
Key 2 Default
Key 3 Table
Key 4 eparties
Key 5 Recall Skip Columns
Value NotNotes;NamSuffix