How we refer to fields in this documentation

The information held within a module is organised into logical groupings on tabs. For example, the Parties module holds details about people and organisations involved in some way with your institution and collection. Within the Parties module there is a tab for recording a person's name (Person tab), another for address details (Address tab), another for details about a person's roles (Roles tab), and another for recording biographical details (Biography tab), and so on.

On a tab, related fields are grouped together under a heading. On the Person tab (below) we see six groups of fields:

  • Party Type
  • Person Details
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Derived Names
  • Source of Information

Person tab in the Parties module

Each group consists of one or more fields, and each field has a descriptive label. For example, the Language group consists of two fields:

  • Primary
  • Dialect

In this documentation, fields are identified by their descriptive label and the group to which they belong, for instance: Primary: (Language). This refers to the Primary field, which is in the Language group of fields:

Primary: (Language)