Schedules module

With the Scheduled Exports facility it is possible to schedule the regular export of data from EMu. Users are able to define:

  • A set of fields for export.
  • A sort order for the exported records.
  • A TexQL statement to determine which records to export.
  • Dates on which the export is to occur.

    Data can be scheduled to be exported on anything from a daily to an annual basis. The export occurs outside working hours (generally early in the morning) and the results are stored on the EMu server. A user may then view the results and save / view the export files produced.

    The Schedules module holds one record per Scheduled Export containing the definition of the export (as defined above).

The Scheduled Exports facility uses two modules to store export details:

  • Schedules

    An export is defined and managed in the module from which records are to be exported. For each export defined, a record is added to the Schedules module with details of the export.

  • Exports

    When a Scheduled Export is run, a record is created in the Exports module with the output of the export.

Details about how to use the Export and Schedules modules can be found in Scheduled Exports.