A module is made up of a number of tabs (pages), each one holding different details. A page is accessed by selecting a tab in the Tabs bar , which displays in the left pane of the module window:

The module window

Various Tabs Registry entries determine the number, type and order of tabs that display in a module for each user / group:

Two Registry entries specify the order in which tabs display in a module depending on the mode (Display, New and Edit or Search):

The Allow Tab Reorder Registry entry enables / disables the manual reordering of tabs in the Tabs pane.

Note: If a Tabs | Default Registry entry lists a tab which is not included in an Insert / Query Tab Order Registry entry, the tab will still be displayed but after the ordered tabs.
If Insert / Query Tab Order Registry entries are not defined for users / groups for a module, tabs will display in an order determined by the EMu developer.

Any number of tab orders can be defined for a user / group in each module. Each entry has a different name. Insert Tab Order Selected and Query Tab Order Selected Registry entries specify which Insert Tab Order and Query Tab Order Registry entries are active for a user / group.