Accession Lots module

An accession lot is a group of objects (or a single object) brought into the institution.

The Accession Lots module manages information about how and when items have come into an institution's possession. Accession lots are groups of collection items all accessioned in the same way, at the same time, and from the same place.

The Accession Lots module records details about the acquisition itself:

  • Items in an accession lot do not necessarily need to be obtained on the same date or time. For example, items purchased from a specific art dealer over a period of months may be grouped into the same accession lot.
  • In some circumstances an accession lot may have more than one vendor or source. For example, if a donor specifies the art dealer who is to handle the particulars of a donation, both the donor and the art dealer are listed as the source of the accession lot.

An Accession Lots record includes:

  • Summary information about the items in the accession lot
  • Acquisition and accession details, including method, source, authorisation, and dates
  • Purchase details, including actual price paid, initial valuation and individual funds used
  • Taxation details and receipts
  • Lists of tasks completed or tasks to be done
  • A reverse attachment tab displaying linked Catalogue records
  • Notes, multimedia, administration details

Typical Accession Lots tabs and their purpose

Tab Description

Lot Details

Summary information regarding the objects in the accession lot.

Acquisition 1

Acquisition details, including method, source, authorisation.

Acquisition 2

Acquisition details, including dates of acquisition and any rights or restrictions involved.


Purchase details, including actual price paid, initial valuation and individual funds used.


Tax receipt details.


Costs associated with accession, such as transportation, and insurance details.


See Tasks tab for details.


See Notes tab for details.


See Multimedia tab for details.


See Security tab for details.


See Audit tab for details.


See Admin tab for details.