EMu's Archives utility is an extension of the Catalogue module.

Archival description is the process of capturing, collating, analysing and organising any information that serves to identify, manage, locate and interpret the holdings of an archival institution and explain the contexts and record systems from which these holdings were selected (Definition from the Society of American Archivists).

There are a number of Archiving standards and EMu's Archives utility has been developed in compliance with:

  • ISAD(G) - General International Standard Archival description (Second Edition), maintained by the International Council of Archives (ICA).
  • The EAD - Encoded Archival Description - document type definition (DTD), which specifies the elements for description of archival collections. EAD is maintained by the US Library of Congress in partnership with the Society of American Archivists.

When the Object Type: (Object Details) in the Catalogue module is an archive (e.g. Archive - EAD, Archive - ISAD(G)), various archives tabs are added to the Tabs pane and an Archives tab with commands for working with an archive hierarchy is added to the Ribbon:

Archive Browse

You can work with your archives on the Archives tab and / or with the Archives Browse panel. Commands / buttons for manipulating an archives hierarchy are available on the Archives tab itself (buttons to the right of the archive hierarchy) and on the Ribbon. We examine how to use these options here.