Bibliography module

The Bibliography module is used to record bibliographic references. A Bibliography record may refer to any type of reference item, including:

  • Article
  • Book
  • Book Series
  • Exhibition Catalogue
  • Chapter
  • Citation
  • Journal
  • Thesis
  • Electronic resource
  • Manuscript
  • Web site

A Bibliography record includes:

  • Title, authors
  • Bibliographic reference numbers
  • Separate information for books (e.g. editors, publisher), journals (e.g. journal name, page numbers), theses (e.g. institution, department), etc.

Records in several modules, including the Catalogue, Parties, Narratives, Taxonomy, and Events modules can all attach to Bibliography records:

Examples of Bibliography records

Tip: See How to attach a Taxonomy record to a Bibliography record for a demonstration of how Bibliography records are attached to a record in another module.