Collection Events module

The Collection Events module holds details of collection activities such as field trips, expeditions and archaeological digs. A collection event may record a collection activity that took place in the past or that was organised by a different institution or private party.

A Collection Events record includes:

  • Precise locality and nearest named place
  • Geographic description
  • Latitude and Longitude and / or a range of other mapping coordinates

    Note: See the Sites module for details about the Lat/Long and Lat/Long (Pref) tabs.

  • Altitude or Capture depth
  • Collector
  • Date and time
  • Prevailing conditions

The difference between the Collection Events and Sites modules

While both the Collection Events module and Sites module describe a locality and its physical details there is an important distinction to be made between them:

  • The Collection Events module records the physical locality details for a specific event, e.g. the elevation at which an object is found or the depth at which a fish is caught. These details may differ for different collection events even if the event occurs at the same site.
  • The Site module records the physical details of a specific locality, e.g. altitude, town, latitude and longitude. These details are constant and do not change with time.

Note: A Collection Events record can attach to the Sites module via the Site: (Collection Details) field.