Condition Checks module

The Condition Checks module records details about the condition of objects.

You do not manually create a record in the Condition Checks module. Details are updated in the Catalogue module on the Condition tab. Whenever condition details are added or modified in a Catalogue module record, a record is automatically added to the Condition Checks module and the object's condition audit trail is updated and displayed on the Condition tab of the Catalogue module.

A Condition Checks record includes:

  • The Object's condition status, e.g. good, fair
  • The Date it was checked
  • The name of the person who checked the object
  • Condition details
  • Handling instructions

Details about an object's condition are managed on the Condition tab of the Catalogue module, which includes a history of all changes to the condition of an object:

It is possible to:

  • set a regular condition check frequency (in years or months)
  • set a specific date for the next condition check
  • receive a notification report when a scheduled condition check is due
  • browse an object's Condition History and print a report

Tip: It is common to do a condition check on an object when it arrives at the institution and before it is shipped to an external destination.