Conservation module

The Conservation module manages the restoration of items from request through to final accounting. Requests for conservation work can be internal (items in your organisation's collection) and external (items belonging to other organisations, etc.).

A task list is created identifying one or more objects that have been identified as requiring conservation work.

A Conservation record includes:

  • Details of a conservation request, including the name of the person making the request, the request date and the reason for the request.
  • Authorisation details, including the name of the person authorising the request, the date authorised or rejected, the proposal's status (approved, disapproved or pending) and any reason for disapproving the conservation work.
  • Description of the treatment requested, the condition of the item before treatment.
  • Details about any analyses performed.
  • Financial / Accounting details.
  • A list of the tasks to be performed (see Task Templates module).
  • A link to one or more objects selected for conservation.