Propagation module

The Propagation module is used to record the:

  • Cultivation treatments for plants and seeds.
  • Propagation of plants via plant or root cuttings or seeds.

Cultivation details include temperature and fertilisation requirements, phytotoxic treatments, soil requirements, light regime, pest and disease control. A plant can be attached to a cultivation record via the Cultivation Details field on the Horticulture tab in the Catalogue module. It is common for many different plants recorded in the Catalogue module to share the same cultivation regime and thus be linked to the same cultivation record.

Propagation details also include pre-treatment details, cutting, graft and root stock type, establishment and potting dates. A plant can be attached to a propagation record via the Propagation field on the Propagation tab in the Catalogue module. As there many be many attempts to propagate from an existing plant, there are often many propagation records linked to a single plant record in the Catalogue module.