Rights module

The Rights / Copyright module holds information regarding the ownership or other rights or copyright provisions pertaining to one or more objects or sites, etc.

A Rights record may be one of the following types:

  • Copyright holder and conditions.
  • Permit details, e.g. to hold a weapon.
  • Site permit details, e.g. permission to enter a site during a specific period.
  • Loan conditions or special conditions which apply to the display, uses and copying of an item, e.g. a loan is conditional that the item is only displayed in a securely locked display.
  • Reproduction permissions, e.g. details of fees and conditions that are to apply when an item is photographed or otherwise reproduced.
  • Design rights, e.g. permission details to reproduce the item in a design, such as on a book cover or poster.

A Rights record can include:

  • Rights type, owner, manager and conditions
  • Commencement / Expiry dates, acknowledgement statement
  • Copyright details and Expiry dates
  • Details of all reproductions and associated fees