Thesaurus module

The Thesaurus module stores one or more thesauri with lists of terms which can be added to Thesaurus-controlled fields in other modules (when describing or categorising objects for instance). A Thesaurus-controlled field can be identified by the Thesaurus Thesaurus button beside it. A thesaurus can be used when searching, creating and editing records.

Fields in other modules can be attached to the Thesaurus and configured so that only valid terms (as defined in the thesaurus) will be accepted into the field. This ensures consistency in terms used to describe objects and facilitates searching.

It is possible to import a commercial thesaurus or to develop one in-house. Each thesaurus is identified by a unique acronym, e.g. AAT (Art Architecture Thesaurus), LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings).

The Thesaurus module has a Browse View which provides a hierarchical view of all loaded thesauri. The Thesaurus module includes a Thesaurus tab in the Ribbon with options when using the Browse View.

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