Valuations module

The Valuations module records details about the value of objects. Whenever valuation details are added or modified in the Catalogue module, a record is auto-generated in the Valuations module, creating an audit trail of valuations for an object.

A Valuations record includes:

  • The name of the party who valued the object
  • The Object's value
  • Reason for the valuation
  • Further valuation notes
  • Object's valuation history

The following screenshot presents the Valuation details as it displays in the Catalogue module. Each line in the Valuation History list corresponds to a record in the Valuations module:


It is possible to browse an object's Valuation History and to print a report.

It is possible to set a regular valuation interval frequency (in years or months) or set a specific date for the next valuation and receive a notification report when the next valuation is due. It is common to value an object when it arrives at the institution or before it is moved to an external destination, particularly if the object is expensive or rare.