Details View

To view all details of a record, either:

  1. Click View Details button on the Home tab of the Ribbon


    Double-click a record in either List View or Contact Sheet View.

    The current or selected record will display with all available tabs:

    Detals View

    Note: In Details View the Status bar indicates the number of the displayed record in relation to the total number of records currently listed, e.g. record 3 of 3 or 1 of 5. The Title bar and Status bar indicate that we are in Display mode.

Thumbnails and Extended Data

When in Details View, select Thumbnail on the View tab of the Ribbon to expand the Summary Data field to include a thumbnail of any associated multimedia, and to display Extended Data if it has been specified.

Extended Data is a combination of fields selected to display a meaningful summary of a record. It is more detailed than Summary Data and displays in its place. Which field or combination of fields is used to make up a module's Extended Data can be specified by each institution (and implemented by Axiell developers).

The standard (unexpanded) Summary Data field displays as:

Summary Data

With Thumbnail selected, it displays as:

Summary Data with Thumbnail