Documents Registry entry

A Convert Registry entry defines how a document is converted from one format to another when a document is added to the Multimedia repository. The Documents Registry entry enables the conversion for a user / group (or system-wide).


This Registry entry can be assigned to users, groups and system-wide:

Key User Group System
Key 1 User Group System
Key 2 user group Setting
Key 3 Setting Multimedia
Key 4 Multimedia Documents
Key 5 Documents format or Default
Key 6 format or Default  
Value fileext;fileext;...



is the file extension of the document to be converted (excluding the dot), e.g. doc, docx, rtf, txt, etc.; or use Default for all file extensions.


is a semicolon separated list of the file extensions (excluding the dot) of the file types to be generated.

Thus for a text document, fileext would be txt.


Any time a Word Document with a .doc extension is added to the Multimedia repository, this entry will try to generate HTML, RTF and Text formatted versions of the document. If the correct conversion filters exist, the additional documents will be created and fully indexed:

Key Setting
Key 1 System
Key 2 Setting
Key 3 Multimedia
Key 4 Documents
Key 5 doc
Value HTML;rtf;txt

In order to translate a document from one format to another, there must be a Convert Registry entry defined for the type of conversion (e.g. .doc to .rtf). If there is no Convert Registry entry, the conversion will not take place and the format will not be added to the Documents table.