Groups module

With the Groups commands on the Tools tab of the Ribbon (accessible from most modules) users are able to assign a name to a group of records and subsequently retrieve that group. It is also possible to add records to a group, allowing a complex set of records to be assembled over time.

With the Groups module, users are able to manage groups (insert, update and delete) in a familiar module interface. Three types of groups are supported:

  • Static - a list of record IRNs
  • Terms - a list of columns and associated query terms
  • Query - a dynamic group created with a TexQL statement

Group permissions use Record Level Security to determine which operations are available for which users. The creator of a group, or someone with permission to alter security settings, can assign other users the permission to manipulate the group. Available permissions are:

  • display - a user can retrieve the group
  • edit - a user can add or replace records in the group
  • delete - a user can delete the group

A Groups module record includes:

  • The name of the group
  • The type of the group (Static, Terms, Query)
  • The source module for records in the group
  • The group owner
  • The IRNs of records in a Static Group; the column name(s) and search terms for a Terms group; the TexQL statement in a Query group.
  • Record Level Security settings for the group

Tip: Details about working with groups can be found in Grouping records.

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