How to add, edit, save (download) and attach multimedia

A simple way to add multimedia to EMu is to drag and drop a file (image, audio, video, documents, etc.) or URL on to the Image pane of any module's Multimedia tab. In this example an image is dropped on to the Image pane in the Parties module:

Drag file to create new Multimedia record

Note: Depending on your system's Multimedia Registry settings and the type of media you are adding, EMu will automatically generate various resolutions and extract metadata, etc.

This will create a new Multimedia record and attach it automatically to the current recordClosed The record currently displayed in Details View or highlighted in List View (there is a faint dotted line around it). It is only possible to have one current record at a time..

Note however that the Multimedia record created will only contain minimal data (default values, extracted metadata, generated resolutions, etc.). If extra data exists, the Multimedia record may need to be updated manually.