How to switch languages

EMu supports multiple languages, allowing all prompts, menus, button and data to be displayed in the language selected by the user. For example, if you have English and French speakers in your institution, they can search, display and manipulate data in their preferred language.

Two language settings can be switched in EMu:

  • The first is the language used for Prompts, e.g. prompts, menus, forms, etc. Prompts in any EMu client can be switched to one of the thirteen supported languages.
  • The second is the language used for Data.

    Data can be added in one or more languages, and it is possible to select which language or languages are used to display the data. For systems with only one language it is obviously not possible to alter the language in which Data is displayed.

    Note: The Supported Registry entry is used to specify which languages are available.

    For clients with multiple languages supported, it is possible to select any one language or all languages to display data.

It is possible to:

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