Lookup Lists module

The Lookup Lists module holds the values used for all Lookup Lists in EMu. Each Lookup List value is a record in the Lookup Lists module and can be assigned specific properties. With the Lookup Lists module it is possible to search for, edit and add values to a Lookup List.

It is possible in the Lookup Lists module to link fields together in a logical, hierarchical relationship, e.g. City / State / Country, allowing for auto-completion of fields in the hierarchy and filtering of Lookup Lists.

Note: See Lookup List fields can be linked together: Hierarchies, auto fill and filtering of values for details.

Common uses of the Lookup Lists module are:

  • To correct a value that has been entered with an incorrect spelling or using the wrong case, e.g. all upper case instead of Title case.
  • To add values to a Lookup List, even before data corresponding to these values has been entered into the field. This allows users to select from a list of values when entering new records, ensuring that the data remains consistent across all records.

    For example, a list of positions could be pre-loaded into the Position: (Organization Details) Lookup List to ensure that all records use the same spelling and format when entering data into this field.