Multimedia module

The Multimedia module stores all multimedia resources used throughout EMu. It complies with the Dublin Core Metadata Standard and the complete Dublin Core attribute set can be recorded for each multimedia resource.

Records in almost every module can include multimedia resources. There is no limit to the number of multimedia resources that can be included with a record, nor the type of those resources.

Note: The Multimedia repository can also be used to store resources that aren't necessarily related directly to a collection record (e.g. marketing collateral, minutes of meetings, planning papers).

Not only can EMu store any multimedia resource, it has the ability to show / play more than 100 image, video and audio formats.

A Multimedia record holds information such as:

  • Type of resource (image, audio, video, etc.)
  • Format of the resource (GIF, JPEG, AU, WAV, MPEG, etc.)
  • Source
  • Description
  • Creators and other contributors
  • Restrictions on the use of the resource

Derivative versions of an image can be generated automatically to satisfy different requirements. For instance, a thumbnail JPEG can be generated for browsing, an 800x600 PNG image for publication on the web, whilst maintaining the image in its original format and resolution.

EMu supports not only basic multimedia types supported (images, audio and video), but complex objects also (Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.). Its multimedia support is also extensible: an external viewer can be associated with a multimedia type so that adding a new media format is as easy as installing the appropriate viewing application on your workstation.

If the multimedia resource is textual (and a suitable viewer is defined), the content of the document is fully indexed, thus enabling full text retrieval (see How to search attached documents for details).

When you access or view a multimedia resource it is downloaded and cached on your local PC. Multimedia resources can be viewed within EMu (on a module's Multimedia tab or in the Multimedia module itself) or via an external viewer: external viewers must be registered on your local PC to play the required multimedia formats.

Tip: EMu's Multimedia repository can be extended to a full blown Digital Asset Management system with the browser-based Axiell DAMS.

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