Parties module

The Parties module holds information about individuals and organizations with some involvement with the activities of the museum and its collection. Parties can be artists, authors, manufacturers, donors, collectors, researchers, staff, conservators, carriers, exhibition organizers, insurers, lending and borrowing institutions, and so on.

Information that can be recorded includes name, various addresses and phone numbers, email and web addresses, biographical and historic information. The Parties module provides support for synonymy of names (i.e. one identity known by several names) and is compatible with the Getty Union List of Artists' Names.

A Party may be an individual, a group or department within an institution; or an external individual, group or organization.

A record is created in the Parties module for each party, recording personal, contact, address and role details.

As a Party may be connected with many objects and events within an institution, it is possible that a single Party record is linked (attached) to many records in multiple modules. Linking records in this manner saves time and effort as information about a Party need only be entered once in EMu and if any details change, only one record - the Parties record - needs to be updated.

Each Party in the Parties module is assigned a Party Type:

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