Query groups

A Query group contains a TexQL query statement. When the group is retrieved the query statement is executed and the resulting records displayed. The TexQL statement can contain any where clause with any operators to define the records to be retrieved.

Tip: A Texpress Query Language (Texql) Guide is available on the EMu website.

A Query group is a Dynamic group as the records in the group are only determined when the group is retrieved. The number of records in the group can vary as records are added to / modified in / deleted from the module.

With this example, a search is performed in Last: (Person Details) for the surname Wood whenever the group is retrieved:

Note: Query groups can only be created in the Groups module.

Create a Query group in the Groups module

  1. Add a new record to the Groups module.
  2. Enter a descriptive name in Name: (Group Information).

    A name for the group is mandatory.

  3. Select the Query Radio button.
  4. In Module: (Group Type) enter the name of the Source module for the records for this group.

    Note: The creator of the group is automatically identified as its owner in the Group Owner fields.

  5. Select the Query tab and enter a TexQL statement in the Group Query field.

    The format of the TexQL statement is:

    select all
    from table
    where clause



    is the name of the module that will execute the search. This must be the same as the value in Module: (Group Information) on the Group tab.


    can be any valid TexQL query clause and may include references to other modules (joins) and operators.

    Tip: A Texpress Query Language (Texql) Guide is available on the EMu website.

    For example:

  6. Save the record.