Record Recall (revert / restore a record)

The audit trail functionality in EMu maintains a complete history of changes to a record. Record Recall is an extension to this functionality as it enables authorized users to update a record with data from an earlier version of the record. Such functionality is useful where a user may, for instance, have:

  • Changed and saved a record only to want the record back as it was before saving it.
  • Performed a global replace only to find the changes were not exactly what was required.

Although Record Recall enables a record to be returned to an earlier state, this is not in fact undoing changes to the record: a complete linear history of changes is always maintained and using the Record Recall function to change a record is itself an amendment that is added to the record's audit trail.

Record Recall allows a single record to be recalled to the data it contained in a previous version and also provides a batch mode for a group of (one or more) records to be recalled to their state at a given date and time.

The Recall option is found on the Edit tab of the Ribbon and can be selected while viewing or editing a record: