Record validation

Data entered into fields is validated by EMu as it is entered (in some cases) or when a record is saved. This does not guarantee that the data entered is accurate, but does guarantee that:

  1. The data entered into a field is appropriate for that field, i.e. a date has been entered in a date field.
  2. Mandatory fields have been completed. If a mandatory field has been missed, you'll be prompted to go back and complete it.
  3. A value cannot be added to a read-only Lookup List. If a value has been entered into a read-only Lookup List field and that value is not already in the Lookup List, you will be prompted to go back and select an existing value.

Only after the record passes validation is it added to the database.

Validation is performed on:

Subject to validation:


Mandatory fields

A value must be entered into every mandatory field. If not, you will be prompted to go back and complete the field before the record can be saved.

Lookup Lists

A Lookup List can be set up so that only users with appropriate access can add new values. If a value is added that is not in the Lookup List, you will be prompted to change or save the value depending on what permissions you have been granted.


A new hierarchy combination may generate several prompts so that you must validate each new level of the hierarchy.

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