Shortcuts View

The left pane of a module window displays at all times. It can list all tabs in the module or a Shortcuts list. Display the Tabs or Shortcuts list by selecting its label.

A Shortcuts list is a list of fields from any tab in the current module. If there is a value in any of the listed fields, it will display in the Value column of the Shortcuts list:

Shorcuts list

In this example, the Shortcuts list includes fields from the Person, Organization and Biography tabs. As you move through a set of records, the Value column of the Shortcuts list will update with values in the current record.

There can be one or more Shortcuts lists available in a module, each with a different subset of fields. To change which Shortcuts list is used:

  1. On the View tab of the Ribbon, select Choose in the Shortcut Settings group of commands.

    The Shortcuts box displays with a list of existing Shortcuts.

  2. Select a Shortcuts List from the Shortcuts box and click OK.

In Shortcuts View it is a simple matter:

  • To move directly to a field wherever it is located in a module by double-clicking the field in the Shortcut list pane.
  • To view values for any listed field as you browse records using the Next Next Record button and Previous Previous Record button arrows in the Tool bar.

    Note: It is possible to set specific colours for certain fields when they display in this Shortcuts View. Fields that contain default values can be set to display in one colour and fields in which data has been edited but not yet saved can display in another colour (see Shortcut List options for details).

It is possible to turn on / off the display of Shortcuts, to create and edit your own Shortcuts View, specifying which fields to display, and to select which Shortcuts View to use.

Note: If a Query Base Default Value has been specified for a module, the field with the Base Default Value will be included in a Shortcuts View automatically when a module is in Search mode. For example, if a Base Default of Party Type=Person is specified in the Parties module in Search mode, the Party Type field will be included in every Shortcuts View in the Parties module while in Search mode.