Sorting records

A group of records can be sorted on any and all fields in a module (with the exception of nested table fields). You can select a predefined sort or specify exactly how a group of search results will be sorted. You can save the sort criteria you specify for re-use.

It is possible to:

  • Sort records on multiple fields, e.g. by Last name, and then First name.
  • Sort in both ascending or descending order (e.g. A to Z, Z to A).
  • Save your own sort criteria to be used with other results sets.
  • Assign permissions to other users to use your saved sort criteria.
  • Specify that a Sort will run automatically following a search.

The Sort option is found on both the Home tab and the Tools tab of the Ribbon.

On the Tools tab you will also find the Ad hoc Sort option:

Sort on the Tools menu

Tip: It can be useful (although it is not necessary) to view your records with a List View that includes the fields on which you sort the records.

Note: Details about Sorting in a multi-language environment can be found here.