Static groups

A Static group is a set of one or more records grouped together and retrievable at any time. The group holds the IRNClosed A unique identifier automatically assigned when a record is created. of each record in the group. It is possible to add records to and remove them from this type of group but the composition of a Static group does not change unless records are actively added or removed.

Note: This contrasts with a Dynamic group in which the composition is not known until the group is retrieved).

Records in the group must be from the same module.

In the Groups module, the records in a Static group are listed on the Static tab: details include the IRN of each record, alongside each record's Summary DataClosed Every record has a Summary Data field. Summary Data is a combination of key data in a record (taken from one or more fields). In Details View the current record's Summary Data displays beneath the Ribbon. A target record's Summary Data displays in an attachment field when an attachment has been made. Which field or combination of fields in a module is used to make up Summary Data can be specified by each institution (and implemented by Axiell developers).. A count of the records in the group is also shown:

Static tab

To view the records in the source module (Catalogue in this example), click View View Attachment to the right of the Group IRNs table (more details here).

In the Groups module you are able to do the following: