The Ditto utility

The Ditto utility can be used when adding a new record or editing an existing record. It is used to copy data from:

  • One field in a record into the same field in another record.
  • A tab in a record into the same tab in another record.
  • All fields in a record into another record.

When a record is chosen to be the Ditto record (the record from which data is copied) it is added to the Ditto box from where it can be re-selected at any time. While there can be many records listed in the Ditto box, there is only ever one current (active) Ditto recordClosed The record from which data is copied into a new or existing record using the Ditto utility.. The current Ditto record is highlighted:


Ditto commands are found on the Edit tab of a module Ribbon:

Edit tab

To copy data from one record to another with the Ditto utility, first select which record to use as the Ditto record:


When the Ditto record has been selected, copy data from a field, tab or the whole record:

A maximum number of records can be added to the Ditto box (as specified by the Recent List Length Registry entry). Records added to the Ditto box are given a temporary status by default; when the maximum number of Ditto records has been reached, any new Ditto record will replace the oldest temporary Ditto record.

It is possible to add a record to the Ditto box permanently however:

Activating the Update on Save option will update the current Ditto record to be the last record saved (i.e. as a record is saved, it becomes the current Ditto record):