Working with the User Interface

Tip: EMu's User Interface was extensively redesigned with version 6.0. In this section of the Help the new interface is described in detail. For a quick overview of the interface update, check out the Release Notes.

There are several ways to access an EMu system. Various online and mobile applications interface with EMu to perform specific tasks (rapid data entry, location moves, for instance) and, in the near future, web access to almost every aspect of your EMu system will be available. At the moment however, the most comprehensive access to an EMu system is provided by a rich and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI): the EMu desktop client.

With the desktop GUI, users open modules from the Command Centre. Each module opens in its own window. Users can open any number of modules, including multiple copies of the same module (two or more Parties modules for instance). In a module window, users can search, display, report, sort, group, add and amend data within that module, all actions and access to data subject to a user’s security profile.

In this section you will find details about working with and configuring the EMu user interface, specifically:

Details about EMu's various Display Views can be found here.

Tip: The User Interface can be customized in a variety of ways from the Options box.

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