Unique-valued fields

If a field is configured to be unique, a value cannot be used more than once in that field in any other record in the same module. A good example of a unique-valued field is an IRNClosed A unique identifier automatically assigned when a record is created..

A field is specified as unique-valued in the EMu Registry. If a duplicate value is entered in a unique-valued field, a warning message similar to the following is displayed:

Unique valued field

Note: If a unique-valued field is empty but the field is not mandatory, the record can still be saved.

Users / groups (typically Power Users or Administrators) can be permitted to use a duplicate value in unique-valued fields. If so, when a duplicate value is entered into a unique-valued field, a prompt will display, similar to the following:

Unique Override

The user can decide whether to continue to save the record or not.

Permission to use a duplicate value is given with the Unique Override Registry entry.

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