What's new in the EMu Help

This version of the EMu Help was published on Friday 08 December, 2023. It has been prepared for EMu version 9.0.

Updates include:


Page / Section


26 Jun 23

Holder locations

Details about Holder locations updated, including how to update the current location of a Holder and how to track the movement of Holders.

01 May 23

Release Notes for EMu 9.0

EMu 9.0 includes fixes for a number of issues and several new features, notably a new Standards module.

20 Apr 23

Language switcher

A language switcher has been added to the toolbar in every page in the Help, allowing switching between English and French. The language switcher has been retrofitted to the EMu 6.4, 6.5 and 8.0 Help.

15 Nov 22

System Technical Requirements


04 Aug 22

Solr indexing setup

Minor changes to the Solr installation notes for FreeBSD and Linux.

06 May 22

Release Notes for EMu 8.0

EMu 8.0 includes fixes for a number of issues and several new features, notably a redesigned Bibliography module.

08 Feb 22


Minor changes made to the Login box and login steps as a result of improvements to the OpenID Connect (OIDC) process for authentication.

08 Dec 21

Solr indexing

Details about a new indexing method that allows use of Apache Solr for searching rather than the default Texpress based indexing.

Advantages of Solr indexing over Texpress indexing include:

  • significantly lower disk usage;
  • fast range-based searching for numeric, date, time, latitude and longitude values;
  • fast wildcard (pattern) searching without the need for partial indexes;
  • elimination of false matches (the number of matching records is always correct);
  • no need for nightly / weekly maintenance to rebuild indexes;
  • no configured limit on the number of records in a module; and
  • no bit-slicing phase when a re-index is performed.

Details here.

05 Oct 21

Barcode Column Registry entry

New Registry entry for Axiell Sapphire users.

Sapphire is supplied with forms and various scripts for processing those forms. Some forms include a barcode field, and the scripts associate a field in EMu with the Sapphire barcode field: when a value is entered in the barcode field in a Sapphire form, the hard-coded EMu field is searched for the value.

If the EMu field hard-coded in a script does not suit your needs (you would prefer to search a different field for the barcode value), this Registry entry allows you to specify a different EMu field.

14 Sep 21

Release Notes for EMu 6.5

EMu 6.5 includes fixes for a number of issues and several new features, notably the option to use OpenID Connect (OIDC) for authentication.

25 Aug 21

English language (spelling convention) in the EMu Help

Previously, two English language versions of the EMu help were produced, one for the US and the one for other English speakers (this was a broadly International English (IE) variant); this was achieved by marking up the source documentation with language variables and condition statements, and duplicating screen captures of the EMu client whenever labels were different for different regions (Catalogue / Catalog; colour / color, etc.).

Accommodating English language variants introduces a degree of complexity that affects maintenance of the English documentation, as well as its translation; translators work with the underlying xml and the more mark-up in the code to accommodate language variants, the more complex the code is to work with. To simplify the maintenance and translation of the EMu Help, it has been decided to produce a single English version of the EMu Help based on the Oxford English Dictionary. As a result, users familiar with either of the previous versions of the EMu Help will notice changes to the spelling. While the IE version was broadly British English, it adopted ise verb endings (organise rather than organize, for example); as verb endings in British English can be either ize or ise, we have adopted the former as a concession to our users in the US, where ize is preferred.

Two English language variants are available in the EMu client: English and English US. There are minor differences in the spelling of some module names in the English and English US clients (notably, Catalogue / Catalog), and tab and field names (Organisation / Organization; Colour / Color, etc.); when the EMu Help indicates that you should open the Catalogue module, it implies the Catalog module, and a request to select Organization from the Party Type drop list should be understood as a request to select Organisation if that is how it is spelt in your EMu client.

While this change means a loss of English language localization of content based on region, it will simplify the maintenance and enhance the accuracy of the content for users in all regions.

Tip: When following examples in the Help, be sure to update values to reflect spelling in your environment: for example, if the Party Type drop list in your Parties module has an Organisation Party Type, specify Organisation when building an import file that updates Parties records.

19 Jul 21

Step 2: Create the report in Microsoft Word

Amendment to the example VB code to ensure that 64bit DSNs are used when a user has a 64bit version of Office installed; otherwise 32bit DSNs are used.

18 Feb 21

Grouping records

Note added about maximum size of Static groups (130,000 records) and warning that the larger the Static group, the longer it will take to retrieve.

28 Jan 21

Release Notes for EMu 6.4

EMu 6.4 includes a number of improvements and new features, including:

  • Performance improvements to Ditto All Fields

  • Modification to the GEOLocate tab

  • Copy Registry entries to a new group / user

  • New Darwin Core Resource Relationship Extension tab

12 Aug 20

Release Notes for EMu 6.3

EMu 6.3 includes improvements to managing archives and the Integrated Pest Management facility. Other minor improvements and fixes are also included.

07 May 20

Axiell Sapphire

Guide to using and configuring the Axiell Sapphire add-on to EMu.

Sapphire is a browser-based add-on to the EMu Collections Management System. It is designed to provide access to your EMu database for the creation of new records and editing of existing records through custom-built forms. A Form is designed and constructed by authorized users around a workflow, capturing data, editing records, creating attachments, etc., with each Form providing access to a subset of fields.

20 Apr 20

Release Notes for EMu 6.2

New features and other improvements introduced with EMu 6.2 include:

  • Filtering and sorting of items listed in dialogue boxes
  • Expanded gender identities
  • Removal of a default mandatory field background colour; addition of a Reset button to return colours set in the Options dialogue box to system defaults
  • Windows regional number formats available to EMu
  • Notes tabs available in the Registry module
02 Mar 20   EMu Online Help updated with a new side navigation template. A feedback option has been built into the Help allowing users to email feedback for specific pages.

19 Feb 20

How to use the Import tool

Updated. New screenshots and some changes to labels.

18 Feb 20

Resolutions Registry entry

The auto-orient property has been added to the Resolutions Registry entry.

17 Feb 20

Range searching and partial dates

Update to details about range searches in Date fields where dates may be incomplete.

17 Feb 20

Date Output Registry entry

Correction to details about the Date Output Registry entry and specification of BC dates.

14 Feb 20

Alphanumeric sorting of records in the Archives View

By default, records in the Archives hierarchy are sorted alphabetically. With the Archive|View Ordering Registry entry it is possible to sort them alphanumerically.

13 Feb 20

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts provided for adding a module to (CTRL+Insert), and removing a module from (CTRL+Delete), the Favourites section of the Command Centre.

13 Feb 20

New Operations privileges:

  • Recondition
  • Re-identify
  • Relocate
  • Revalue

Operations Registry entry privileges have been added for the Condition Update, Re-identification, Relocation and Revaluation tools. Previously access to these tools required that users were given the Global Replace (daReplace) Operations privilege. While users with the daReplace privilege will still be able to use these tools, it is now possible to give users access to each of these tools without also providing them with the Global Replace privilege. The new privilege values are:

Tool Name Privilege
Condition Update daRecondition
Re-identification daReidentify
Relocation daRelocate
Revaluation daRevalue

13 Feb 20

Allow Tab Reorder Registry entry

Registry entry to enable / disable the manual reordering of tabs in the Tabs pane of a module window.

13 Feb 20

EMu Release Notes

Release Notes for EMu 6.1 added.

02 Oct 19

How to record Related objects

Details updated.

21 Jun 19

FAQ: Cannot receive from remote host (Number 309)

Explanation and solutions for this error message.

19 Jun 19

Scheduled Exports

Clarification: details on most tabs in the Schedules module, including the Schedule, Fields, Conditions, Exports and Security, are read-only.

08 May 19

Axiell Go Registry entries

Axiell Go provides web-based access to EMu. Standard EMu Registry entries are used to specify access permissions and more in Axiell Go, but Axiell Go also has a small number of application specific Registry entries:

  • Multimedia|Preset Registry entry
  • Search Alias Registry entry

06 May 19


Update to XML / XSL code examples. Previously, when creating a Page View and configuring an import using the Import Tool, encoding was specified as encoding="iso-8859-1"; with EMu's support for Unicode, encoding must now be specified as encoding="UTF-8".

30 Apr 19


EMu Help updated with Axiell's new look.

14 Mar 19

How to log in to a Hosted EMu service

What to do if you receive the Cannot send to remote host (Number 310) error message when attempting to end a connection to a hosted service.

12 Mar 19

GEOLocate Registry entries

Details about Registry entries for configuring the GEOLocate facility available in the Sites module.

10 Jan 19

How to log in to a Hosted EMu service


12 Dec 18

How to log in to a Hosted EMu service

Details about setting up a Remote Desktop connection to a hosted EMu service (PC and Mac).

19 Jul 18

Release Notes

Release Notes for EMu 6.0.

14 Jun 18

Sites module

The GEOLocate tab connects to the GEOLocate web service and identifies possible geolocations for a site on a world map.

07 Jun 18

Update and rewrite of Help for EMu 6.0

Up to date:

08 Dec 17

Import Registry entries

Details about two Registry entries affecting how attachments are handled during a Custom import:

Nov 17 - Jun 18

Update and rewrite of Help

EMu Help updated to accommodate the new interface introduced with version 6.0.

Removal of content not relevant to version 6.0 (e.g. non-Unicode content). Corrections, clarifications and simplifications.

Release Notes for earlier versions of EMu can be found here.