Bibliography module: keeping BHL data up to date

When an institution adopts one of the Bibliography models introduced with EMu 8, it is possible to populate records with bibliographic information drawn directly from the Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL). BHL continually updates its data and it is important to ensure that the data pulled from BHL into Bibliography records in EMu is kept up to date.

A server process is available to:

  • query BHL for records that have changed; and
  • check if any of the changed records are in the EMu Bibliography module; and if so,
  • to update the EMu records.

The script (emubhlsync) should be added to cron to ensure that all BHL record data remains up to date with BHL. The default timeframe used by the script is one week.

An example cron entry to enable this is:

30 0 * * 6 /home/ emu/clientname/bin/emurun emubhlsync hourly 2>&1 | /home/emu/clientname/bin/emurun emulogger -t "KE EMu BHL Data Sync" bhl

This sets the script to run each Saturday morning at 12:30am.