Citations tab


The Citations tab is for recording details of written works relating to this scientific name. The most important document to record is the Primary CitationClosed In Taxonomy, the paper / article that first proposes (specifies) the scientific name for a species. In Botany this paper is known as the Protologue. (in which the scientific name is first defined).

When a scientific name for a species is generated it includes the name of the author of the scientific name (e.g. Aus yus Blair, 2002, in which Blair is the Name AuthorClosed The author responsible for writing the formal description of a species (i.e. specifying a Taxonomic classification for the species).). In EMu, details about the name author are recorded on the Authors tab. When the name author is the same as the author of the primary citation, details entered on the Citations tab can be automatically shared with the Authors tab.

Note: Keep in mind however that it is not the purpose of the Citations tab to record the name author's details, but rather to record details about citations.

To demonstrate, we add two citations about the species Ratus bagus, the first one (All about Ratus bagus by Gerard I. Wood) is the primary citation in which the scientific name (Ratus bagus) was first proposed, the other is a supporting document.

Note: In this example it is assumed that there is already a record for each article in the Bibliography module and that the authors' details are recorded in the Parties module.

  1. Attach the Bibliography record for the primary citation (All about Ratus bagus in this example) in the Cited In: (Details) field.
  2. If required, attach the Parties record of the person who verified the article in the Verified By: (Details) field and the date the paper was verified in the Date: (Details) field.
  3. As this is the primary citation for this scientific name, select the Yes radio button beside Primary Citation: (Details).

    We will be able to use these details when we add the name author's details on the Authors tab.


    Note: Note the Citations table at the bottom of the tab. Each row can hold a reference to a citations record. The fields are automatically filled as data is entered in the fields above. To view the details for a citation, select its row in the Citations table. Details of the currently selected citation display in the fields above.

What next?

Or add more details about the primary citation on the Primary Citation tab.