IMu & Web Services

IMu, or Internet Museum, broadly describes our strategy and toolset for distributing data held within EMu via the Internet. Distribution includes the publishing of content on the web, but goes far beyond this to cover sharing of data via the Internet (Portals, online partnerships, etc.); publishing content to new mobile technologies, etc.

To facilitate these various Internet projects, we have produced a set of documents that describe how to implement and customize IMu components, including:

  • APIs (for Web Developers)
  • Web pages for publishing EMu

Earlier Web Services documentation is available in this section of the EMu Help. Please note however that it is recommended that the EMuWeb documentation in this section is only used as a reference by clients who already have EMuWeb installed.

Note: It is not recommended that any client attempt to implement EMuWeb as a fresh installation without first consulting us.

For more details about IMu, please contact Axiell Support.