Insurance module

The Insurance module records information about insurance policies or indemnity agreements held by the institution.

EMu separates insurance details into their own records. This allows a single insurance policy to be applied to numerous loans, objects, or events.

The Insurance module documents insurance policies and related information for objects covered by insurance and other forms of indemnity. Details include a policy number, insurance company or indemnifying organization, assessor, date of assessment, total value covered, renewal date and a history of all claims.

If required, an image or document of the policy can be added as a multimedia attachment.

An Insurance record includes:

  • The name of the insurer or indemnifying agency
  • Policy and cover details
  • Renewal dates
  • Claim details made against a policy

    Note: In some cases, a different insurance policy will be applied to an object when it is in transit from the policy that applies for the duration of its loan. In this case the Loans and Movements records attached to the object will each attach to a different Insurance record. This means that individual transactions or movements involving objects can be insured. If the same insurance policy is to cover the loan and its movements, the Loans and Movements records are attached to the same Insurance record.