Internal Movements module

The Internal Movements module keeps track of all instances where a collection item is moved internally. It covers such movements as storage relocations, movements due to renovations, exhibits that include a collection item.

Every time the internal location of an object changes, an audit trail records the details of the internal movement. The internal movement history is stored in the Internal Movements module and can be viewed under the Location tab in the Catalogue.

You do not manually create a record in the Internal Movements module; such records are auto-generated whenever an object location is recorded or changed in the Catalogue module.

An Internal Movements record includes:

  • The object name
  • Its location
  • The name of the person who requested, released and accepted the object's change of location
  • The date and time of a location change

The following screenshot shows the internal movements history of an object as it displays in the Catalogue. Each line in the Movement History list corresponds to a record in the Internal Movements module:

Location History

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