Loans module

The Loans module records and tracks details about objects lent to (outgoing) and borrowed from (incoming) other institutions. Once entered, loan details can be used to produce a loan agreement document to be signed by both institutions (select Reports on the Home tab of the Ribbon).

Outgoing loans involve:

  • Loans from the institution to a third party
  • Objects already registered in the Catalogue.

Incoming loans involve:

  • Loans from a third party to the institution

    Objects generally not already in the collection - objects involved in the loan must be entered in the Catalogue module prior to their inclusion - generally in skeletal form only.

When a loan is organized for an event, the Loans record can attach to the Events record via the Associated Event: (Loan Information) field.

Loan start and completion notification dates can be specified in order that the loans manager (whoever is specified in the various People To Be Notified fields) is automatically sent notification by email of the upcoming / ending loan.

Typically a loan is associated with a movement and it is important to record a Movements record for each outgoing loan and attach it to the Loans record.

A Loans record includes details about:

  • Who is lending / borrowing an object
  • The duration of the loan

    In the case of an incoming loan, a minimal record (at least) is added to the Catalogue module for the incoming object.