Texpress: optimising and configuring the database engine

Optimal indexing of database tables can be achieved using the Texpress configuration subsystem1. A suite of tools is provided for checking the efficiency of configurations and for generating new configurations. It is also possible to save configurations on a per table basis so that settings are not lost with the next automated reconfiguration.

The first part of what follows is a fairly technical explanation of the Texpress indexing mechanism; while challenging, it may prove useful when performing the final (optional) Step 7: Save configuration settings when optimising Texpress. Your configuration parameters are stored in a params file, and Part 1 of this document explains in detail how the various elements of the params file are calculated.

In the second part, Configuration tools, you will find important information about the configuration tools available for optimising and configuring the database engine:

  • texanalyse
  • texdensity
  • texconf