The EMu Collections Management System

Axiell's EMu is a sophisticated collections management system suited to all types of collections, including:

  • Cultural collections, Anthropology, Archaeology, Science and Technology.
  • Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Sculpture and 3-dimensional objects, Decorative Art, Performing Art, Photography, Textiles and Digital Objects.
  • Natural History collections, including Zoology, Earth Sciences, Palaeobiology, Botany, Horticulture and Physical Anthropology.
  • Special collections, Digital Assets, Historical Societies and Archives.

EMu is recognised for its strength in the management of complex and multi-discipline collections.

Sharing the information and knowledge that you accumulate within EMu is critical to your mission. Whether sharing with others in your organisation, visitors to your collection online or in the flesh, or with other organisations, EMu has a solution in IMu. IMu is EMu's toolset for publishing and distributing your content on the web and your Intranet, for use on desktop computers, in-house kiosks, on mobile devices and other platforms.

Read on for details of how the EMu Electronic Museum management system helps you with:

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