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Text Colours

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Set the text colour for text in different Screen modes.


A computed field holds a value that is automatically generated by the system based on a value entered in another field (for example, in the Sites module, when a value is entered into Latitude (DMS) and Longitude (DMS) fields, the Lat/Long Decimal value is automatically computed).


Audit Previous

Select the colour used to display audit data in the Audit Trails module. Audit is used for current data, and Audit Previous is used for previous values.

For details about the Summary tab in the Audit Trails module see Audit Trails Display tabs.

Use First

Select the colour for the Use First filled value in a multi-language environment.

Background Colours


Set a background colour for mandatory fields. In this example, the Last: (Person Details) field has been made mandatory and a background colour has been specified:

Mandatory field with background colour