Global Replace

The Global Replace tool permits authorised users to replace a value in one or more fields in a set of records. It can be used, for example, to:

  • Correct the spelling of a term in all fields in a module, e.g. baner with banner.
  • Change the case of the value in a field, e.g. UPPERCASE with Title case.
  • Standardise formatting, e.g. remove spaces between letters in an acronym, e.g. A G M with AGM.
  • Replace an attached record with another record.
  • Remove a blank row in a multi-value field (e.g. a table).
  • Change the status of a record.

In this documentation the replacement of one value with another is called a substitution. When a substitution is defined it is saved in the Replace box:

Note: A substitution is only saved during the current session. When you log out of EMu, all substitutions are removed from the Replace box.

Note: Details about working with the Global Replace tool in a multi-language environment can be found here.

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