How to update permissions for multiple records: batch update

For one record in the previous example:

  1. Permissions for group Everyone were modified by removing the Edit and Delete permissions.
  2. Group Admin was added and given Edit and Delete permissions.

The Set Record Security tool is designed to apply permissions to multiple records at once:

  1. Search for all records for which the same Record Level Security permissions are to apply.
  2. For one record, set the required permissions in the Security box (add or remove users / groups and tick / untick permissions).
  3. Save the record.
  4. Select Set Record Security>All Records on the Tools tab of the Ribbon.

    Note: If you had selected a subset of records returned by your search at Step 1, you would select Set Record Security>Selected Records.

    The following message displays:

  5. Select Yes to proceed with the update.

    Progress is displayed in the Set Security box:

    Set Security box

  6. When complete, click OK to close the Set Security box.