List View

In List View, records are displayed in a table with one or more columns; each record is a row in the table; each column is a field in the record. It is possible to create your own List Views, specifying which fields to display; and to select which List View to use.

Most modules include at least one List View comprising Summary DataClosed Every record has a Summary Data field. Summary Data is a combination of key data in a record (taken from one or more fields). In Details View the current record's Summary Data displays beneath the Ribbon. A target record's Summary Data displays in an attachment field when an attachment has been made. Which field or combination of fields in a module is used to make up Summary Data can be specified by each institution (and implemented by Axiell developers)..

To view records in List View:

  1. Click View List on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

    The results of your search display in a list with predefined columns. Each column is a field in a module. The Status bar indicates the total number of records displaying in the current List View:

    List View

To move from one record to another in a List View:

  • Use the navigation arrows on the Home tab of the Ribbon


    Use a keyboard shortcut (F5 moves to the previous record and F6 moves to the next record).

It is possible to create and edit your own List View, specifying which fields to display, and to select which List View to use to display records. You can also change the order of columns and resize them. It is also a simple matter to copy and paste data out of List View.

Tip: A very simple way to report in EMu is to create a List View with the fields on which to report, run a search and then copy and paste the data in List View into MS Excel, for instance.