(Record Level) Security Registry entry

Refine the three standard Record Level Security permissions, Display, Edit, Delete, and apply the special Insert permission.

Note: See Important: Record Level Security permissions for details about who can set Record Level Security settings on a record and what permissions are required.


This Registry entry can be assigned to users and groups:

Key User User Group Group Group Group
Key 1 User User Group Group Group Group
Key 2 user user group group Default Default
Key 3 Table Table Table Table Table Table
Key 4 table Default table Default table Default
Key 5 Security
Key 6 permission
Value value;value;...



specifies the permission to refine, i.e. Display, Edit or Delete.

permission can also be Insert, a special value that can be used to set permissions for a user / group and to populate a field with a value when a record is added by the user / group. See Example 2 below.


is a semicolon separated list of conditions that must be met for the permission to apply. This is in the format: column=value

e.g. SecRecordStatus=Active

It is also possible to embed the user / group name of the currently logged in user (stored by EMu as $user and $group) in security values. Using these variables, security may be adjusted on a per user / group basis depending on one or more user / group names stored in the data. See Example 2 below.

Note: When referencing an attachment field in a Security Registry entry, it is necessary to use a field's Link Column name and a record's IRN. See Example 3 below.