Security / Permissions Registry entries

  • An overview of Dynamic Security can be found here.
  • An overview of Record Level Security and how to apply permissions to users and groups can be found here.

Column Access Registry entry

Specify the privileges that users / groups have on a per column basis.

Column Access Modifier Registry entry

Modify the default Column Access values based on data found in the current record.

Group Registry entry

Create a group and add a user to one or more groups.

Name Registry entry

Associate a person's actual name with their EMu username.

Operations Registry entry

Assign permissions to users / groups on a per table basis.

(Record Level) Security Registry entry

Refine the three standard Record Level Security permissions, Display, Edit, Delete, and apply the special Insert permission.

Security | Update Registry entry

Update the contents of one or more fields in the current record when the record is saved if a condition is met (a given value is in a field in the current record). Often (but not exclusively) used to modify Record Level Security security fields.

Table Access Registry entry

Specify which tables (modules) can be accessed by users / groups.